Memories of fear

At times, we may feel fear, when it either doesn’t make any sense at all, or it is unnecessarily strong. In these situation we are experiencing a memory of fear. This is a memory of a past event where we experienced fear, yet we have suppressed the memory and are only aware of the fear.

In response to traumatic experiences, our minds can use the technique of separating consciousness. This allows us to forget the experience and survive until we are safe. We are able to put things out of our mind, so that we can focus on protecting ourselves or getting to safety.

The mind takes enough consciousness to contain the emotion of the experience, and places it inside the memory, and files it away. This is the mechanism of intentional forgetting. The consciousness in that memory remains there, stuck at that time, but it is still connected to us.Also it still has access to our 6 physical senses*, and if it notices a situation that reminds it of the initial trauma, it will trigger the feeling in the memory. We will feel fear, yet not understand why.

The stronger the emotion held by the memory, the stronger the emotion felt in the present. Triggering extreme trauma can result in a panic attack. This is possible because consciousness is not actually divisible. We are separate emotions in the same way waves in water are separate. The same is true for our mind. Those forgotten memories cannot be completely separated.

These forgotten memories retain their emotion, often affecting our lives in negative ways. They remain this way until we retrieve and heal them. We can do this once we have found safety, yet our culture teaches us to never allow this healing.

To heal these memories, we need to allow the emotion when it arises. It may be as simple as grieving the emotion away. In some cases we don’t even remember the memory. Other times we need to use healing tools to trace the feel I to its memory. Some therapists have these skills, but most do not. Once we acquire these tools, we can use them ourselves. Whatever way we heal, grieving is required to clear the trapped emotion. We must allow ourselves to cry.

Therapists that are trained to help with PTSD from childhood or war trauma are more likely to know the tools required to clear emotion from intentionally forgotten beliefs.

The mechanism of forgetting, and later healing, is quite simple and easy to understand. Not so easy to do. Its really worth the effort! Initially, emotion released can be overwhelming, but it passes each time, and decreases as healing progresses.

* as well as the 5 physical senses we learn about, there is a sixth. We are a receiver and transmitter of electromagnetic energy and possess a complex energy field. We can send and receive a lot of information with this tool. Also, there is our connection with universal consciousness, that can be interpreted as a non physical sense.

Memories of fear

fear of money caused by child abuse

Many of us have negative beliefs about money, and this prevents us from manifesting a lot of money in our lives. But we are comfortable with enough money to live well, although we dont become wealthy.

But there are some of us that fear money so much that we avoid it. Doing something for money is a very stressful experience for us. We avoid it whenever possible. When we have it we feel more secure because we can buy what we need. But we will let it run low, or even run out, because of our fear of getting more. We stay very poor, often requiring financial help from government or others, even though it is very stressful to receive that help. We are likely to struggle with money all our lives. We may become homeless or destitute or commit suicide. Our lives are very difficult.

This belief about money, this strong fear, is caused by a trauma associated with money. An example of such trauma is child prostitution. For those of us who experienced being sold to adults for sex, we associate money with an impending awful experience. Getting money means getting raped. Getting money means we must do something that we wish to die to avoid. In that childhood experience, the payment comes first and is often not concealed from us. In ritual abuse it is important that we see the money being paid, because the intention is to make us afraid of money.

To recover from this fear, we can use different techniques to uncover and grieve away the fear. It is not easy to do this, but it means that live can become livable. There are some online resources and within these are described ways of healing that help.

fear of money caused by child abuse