We are words in the story of life.

We are words in a story.

If we live as a separate story, we cannot see our true value. As single words, our lives makes no sense and we see nothing of any importance. We just make a short, selfish noise.

When we allow ourselves to be part of a bigger story, we can create the sound required of us. It is our instrument. We help tell a great story.

We are words in the story of life.

How we live our lives

From birth we are taught, programmed with the ways of our family and our society. If we experience a loving environment, we will live out our lives mostly as directed, and enjoy a sense of satisfaction and achievement. We live in a way that we believe is good. We are likely to bring up our own children similarly.

Alternatively, the more that love is absent in our upbringing, the more unstable the foundation of out training and programming. As we live our lives, it is not so easy to feel at peace with living as we were brought up to live.

In the most abusive extremes, it is impossible to fit into society. The values we have learned are irreversibly associated with emotional pain. Those of us with a loving upbringing cant understand why others cant live in the accepted way, and those of us with emotional conflict cannot understand how most people can live a stable, ordinary life – even if we would like to be able to live that way, to try is to suffer.

A healthy society tolerates and accommodates those of us who cannot fit in Рallowing us to find our own ways to survive,  heal and contribute as we wish.

A collapsing society punishes those of us who cant fit in, or forces us to live on the fringe of society  Рor even in exile, out of sight. One form of exile is forced institutionalization and forced medication Рcriminalization of non-conformity by societies that have degraded into brutality.

When those of us that cannot fit in, we are forced to conceal our incompatibility. Through overt or covert persuasion, our ability to find a comfortable niche in society is diminished. Therefore, our opportunity to heal from those experiences that have traumatized us, is also interfered with by the distraction of constantly seeking safety.

In the most extreme societies, people are brainwashed so that those in control can use them as a weapon against that threaten their hold on power. This is a form of slavery, where a persons independence and freedom is taken from them. Even children are violated in this way, and used as weapons once they get older. Inevitably, these people are used to attack others in their own society. It is a sign that those in power are no longer of benefit to society, but have long been a great harm. Eventually, collapse of that society is guaranteed.

How we live our lives

Allowing the guidance of the universe

There are 2 ways to live life. One is to live according to the ideas of the mind. This path leaves us dependent on the ideas and beliefs of others. As children, we dont question the things we are taught, and these become subconscious beliefs that control our lives until we dig them up and change them. Yet we can still follow the guidance of our mind in life, changing certain beliefs as we see fit.

The other way to live is to allow the universe to guide us through our hearts. To live this way, we can follow our inspiration, and avoid those things which we really dont want to do. In fact the hardest part of living this way is to not do what we have been taught that we should do. Part of our upbringing is training about social obligations. We are expected to do certain things to keep society going.

Should society continue as it is – with war, repression, secret abuse, corruption? When we take a good look at society, we see that it is an unsustainable disaster. Can we be certain that the guidance of our hearts will make the world worse than it is now? We can forget about the obligations of a corrupt society.

In reality, we express a combination of these 2 ways of living. There are always times when we follow our inspiration, and just do what we really want to do, regardless of the consequences. There are times that we do what we believe we should do, out of obligation of fear of the unknown, regardless of the terrible feeling we get from it – regardless of the stagnation in our lives.

The single change that leads to improvement in our lives is to follow our inspiration more. We cant just suddenly transform our lives overnight, as some people say is possible. Our transformation to allow more guidance from the universe in our lives is gradual. It takes practice. It takes persistence. It is greatly helped by feeling hopeless or stuck. It requires getting to know ourselves, getting to know the feeling of inspiration. It requires understanding that only the mind uses words. Inspiration never uses words, just want and not want.

We are allowed to follow our hearts. We are allowed to reject the faulty guidance of society. It is our right to live as we wish.

Allowing the guidance of the universe

Perfection is useless

Perfection is a standard that can prevent us from getting things done. it implies that the goal is a standard, rather than completion.

In reality, perfection is a standard based on the opinions of others. if we judge our tasks by those standards, we will not be able to complete things easily. depending on the details of our version of perfection, we may need to do twice as much work, or even more, to complete our tasks. The requirement of perfection may turn an ordinary task into a daunting, even impossible one. We may even give up before we start, overwhelmed by the requirement of perfection.

Rather, we should be concerned about doing just enough to get the task done satisfactorily. Isn’t this what most people do? “Good enough” gets things done, everywhere we look. This doesn’t mean we have to meet a standard that is LESS than good enough. All goals have a standard. If its not done well enough, it isn’t really done. But perfection is something completely different, an unreasonably high standard.

This is especially true when we take action to improve our own lives. it is OUR lives, WE are the ones to decide what is good enough. if we try to apply other peoples values to our achievements, we find our independence is lost. we then live according to someone else’s recipe for life and happiness.

Discard the pursuit of someone else’s perfection. it is useless and just prevents us from being in control of our own lives. we decide what standard is required for each of our goals. time wasted on trying to achieve a higher standard than is necessary, just leaves us less time to get on with the next thing. it delays our life and wastes our time.

We will never become happy except by our own criteria.

Perfection is useless

the essence of inner peace

Whatever we cannot accept in the world is exactly what we cannot accept in ourselves.
It is not within our ability to fix all the things in the world that we dislike. Neither is it our role in life.
Once we observe ourselves, we can learn the beliefs behind the disapproval, and their source. Then we can change those beliefs and be at peace with the world.
Once we are at peace with the world, we can then see our path and role in life. Then we can enjoy the excitement of living.