The mind must choose to follow the heart

I was laying back, thinking about parts of my mind that wont yet accept the authority of my hearts guidance. I suggested to my heart that it just force those parts of my mind to obey.

My heart immediately caused me to understand that it cannot, it is not allowed to do that.
The mind must heal itself, and choose to follow the heart. It cannot be forced. Forced cooperation is no cooperation at all.
Only the mind that has chosen to follow the hearts guidance – a united mind, void of internal conflict – truly has the capacity to follow the hearts guidance.
An unwilling subject is an incompetent subject. It cannot be any other way.

So, the mind must be healed and united, by seeking out and resolving internal conflicts.
For this process, an essential tool is provided: Emotion, the internal conflict seeker.

The mind must choose to follow the heart

How we live our lives

From birth we are taught, programmed with the ways of our family and our society. If we experience a loving environment, we will live out our lives mostly as directed, and enjoy a sense of satisfaction and achievement. We live in a way that we believe is good. We are likely to bring up our own children similarly.

Alternatively, the more that love is absent in our upbringing, the more unstable the foundation of out training and programming. As we live our lives, it is not so easy to feel at peace with living as we were brought up to live.

In the most abusive extremes, it is impossible to fit into society. The values we have learned are irreversibly associated with emotional pain. Those of us with a loving upbringing cant understand why others cant live in the accepted way, and those of us with emotional conflict cannot understand how most people can live a stable, ordinary life – even if we would like to be able to live that way, to try is to suffer.

A healthy society tolerates and accommodates those of us who cannot fit in Рallowing us to find our own ways to survive,  heal and contribute as we wish.

A collapsing society punishes those of us who cant fit in, or forces us to live on the fringe of society  Рor even in exile, out of sight. One form of exile is forced institutionalization and forced medication Рcriminalization of non-conformity by societies that have degraded into brutality.

When those of us that cannot fit in, we are forced to conceal our incompatibility. Through overt or covert persuasion, our ability to find a comfortable niche in society is diminished. Therefore, our opportunity to heal from those experiences that have traumatized us, is also interfered with by the distraction of constantly seeking safety.

In the most extreme societies, people are brainwashed so that those in control can use them as a weapon against that threaten their hold on power. This is a form of slavery, where a persons independence and freedom is taken from them. Even children are violated in this way, and used as weapons once they get older. Inevitably, these people are used to attack others in their own society. It is a sign that those in power are no longer of benefit to society, but have long been a great harm. Eventually, collapse of that society is guaranteed.

How we live our lives

Desiring the return of past conditions

Past events and conditions may represent happier experiences than is usual in our lives.
However, while we dwell in the past, we are not manifesting new things in our present. Our minds are trapped.
Yet our minds are not desiring a return of the past. That is a misinterpretation. Our minds connect the past events with conflicts in our present beliefs. The event shows us what needs to be realized. This is a natural self-cleaning mechanism of the mind. It is meant to be used.
Once the lesson of the past event is learned, and the conflict is resolved, the event will be forgotten, because it is no longer needed.
Once we resolve conflicts represented by past events, our mind is more free to focus on the present, and we can manifest our hearts desires once again.


Follow your inspiration when the mind is stormy

Sometimes the mind gets stressed about the future. At these times life becomes difficult and we may turn to our usual distractions, or ways of pushing down the bad feelings.
Rather than repeating those self-destructive habits we learned from others, we can find a way through the stress and confusion.
We can search for a safe thing to hold onto, while our mind passes through its storm of conflicts and impossible beliefs. We are not our minds and we dont have to believe we are doomed. We are awareness, and we can be guided by our mind, or by what inspires us.
No matter the strength of the minds storm, we can hold onto our inspiration. Turning our awareness to what we are inspired to do at this moment, we can distance ourselves from the minds storm and not fall into believing its message of hopelessness.
Once we are reminded of our source of inspiration, we stop feeding the storm in our minds and we can observe and learn about the beliefs we can choose to change.