Heart: want, Mind: should

The heart only cares about want, and not want – it is clear and direct, unambiguous.

The mind cares about should – and shouldn’t – it presents many conflicting points of view, filling your life with a confusing audiovisual stream, accompanied by a confrontational dialogue of words.

Only the heart can present clarity in the midst of this chaotic mindset, never needing words to communicate its wishes.

Heart: want, Mind: should

The mind vs. inner peace

Since before we developed writing, we have pursued ways to avoid the suffering of unpleasant feelings.

Each individual first notices that certain things distract from those feelings. So we become addicted to these distractions. Yet, eventually, we realize these addictions inevitably increase our unpleasant feelings. Our minds try to restrict our addictions and our suffering increases.

Then, we notice these unpleasant feelings are associated with certain thoughts. We notice ways to distract ourselves from these thoughts, and becomes addicted to them. We build our lives around these avoidance strategies and they become our master. Inevitably, these lifestyle strategies bring us more unpleasant feelings, or suffering, than we originally tried to avoid. Our minds try to restrict those parts of our lifestyle that cause our suffering, yet our suffering increases. We experience powerlessness.

Then, we try to find the source of the thoughts that cause unpleasant feelings, so as to stop them from arising. We seek in the spiritual teachings of other minds, the ways to remove these thoughts from our own minds. We become addicted to this search. We may, in this search, learn that giving up the control of our lives to an external master reduces our suffering, but doesn’t remove it completely. We may realize that we cannot control our mind, by the power of our mind. Regardless of the kind of spiritual practice we take on, we find some inner peace, yet suffering still persists.

We do all this, while knowing from childhood experience, that physically expressing our unpleasant feeling quickly ends the suffering of that moment. Yet, instead of allowing this natural process to occur, we live for our addictions and give up our self determination to external masters just to avoid that feeling of grief.

Then, only because everything our mind tried has failed, and we have totally run out of ideas, we finally allow the release of the emotion we were avoiding all our lives – only when all other strategies have failed and we have given up in desperation. We are instantly transformed and soon realize that our emotions, especially grief, alone have the power to rapidly repair our mind and its thinking – emotions are the immune system of our minds. As our minds are allowed to heal, we are gradually introduced to our inner master, and eventually, inevitably, no longer require any outer master of addiction, lifestyle or religion.

Then, we become our true selves.

The mind vs. inner peace

Justice and our place in the world

Its not hard to notice the injustices in the world. Those who politically control society care only about staying in power and will commit any crime to maintain their power. Most organizations who claim to fight for justice are actually surviving off injustice and wont do anything that would really bring justice or threaten those in power who commit crimes.

We are brought up to be good and fight for justice. We react emotionally to the selected injustices that are presented to us for the purpose of usurping our reactions. Those in power control the media and restrict our awareness of their crimes. In this way they direct our responses and reactions so that we use up our ‘justice energy’ without achieving anything.

This is a game of ‘cat and mouse’. Stop playing.

Each of us has a desire to follow our heart, and in doing so, we use our power in ways that truly change ourselves and the world around us. Yet most of us dont follow our hearts, but live within the restrictions placed on us. In this way we cannot change ourselves or the world. The universe has not given everyone the role of fighting all injustice in all faraway places – this is a role that only suits those in power.

The universe has placed us in the situation where we can exert our power and follow our hearts. This is the choice that we have before us. Use our energy to find a way to follow our hearts in the world we are in. Or waste our energy trying to change a faraway place. If the universe wanted us to change a faraway place, we would be in that place. We are in the place we are because that is the place we have the opportunity to change – by changing the way we live in it.

The world is now in a time of great injustice and conflict. It is a stage in the cycles of earthly existence and cannot be avoided. It is also a sign that humans are resisting change. The chaos is required for the human race to develop, to learn from the mistake of resisting change and growth. The universe will destroy any part of itself that refuses to grow and change.

For individuals, the lesson is to let go of the fight that is not ours. Our hearts will tell us what is our fight, and give us the power to win. Individuals that understand the need to grow and change along with the universe will find themselves somehow protected from the chaos. Individuals that refuse to grow and change will find the chaos surrounding them, physically or mentally.

Justice and our place in the world

Wanting vs Judging

Most of us spend a large part of our life trying to get things that we have learned are good. This is a waste of time. Our lives are largely unsatisfying and we end up with so much regret about what we didnt do. When people ask us why we did something, we say we did it because it is good, or the right thing to do. Yet we are using others measurements of right and wrong. We are living our lives for others.

Some of us realize that we have been deceived, and reject others judgments about what is good or bad, what is desirable or undesirable. We make our own decisions about what is good or bad for our lives. Yet we still see it in terms of good and bad. We have a hard time changing when we no longer want what was judged to be good. We have to go through a process of being wrong about things. Then we must go through another process of making a new right, a new set of judgments that allow us to justify our decisions. Its impossible to complete these processes and we end up with such a mess in our minds, with increasing inconsistencies about what is good or bad. When people ask us why we did something, we justify it in terms of good or bad, because we feel that ‘want’ is not a satisfactory justification.

Some of us separate desire from judgment. We recognize that we want certain things in life, but we dont judge them as good or bad. its just what we want, or dont want. The judgment is unnecessary. Pointless, in fact. We dont need the justification of good or bad to start getting what we want. In this case, it is so easy for us to change our minds, or to change direction in our lives when we have had enough of our current phase of life. Because we didnt judge things to be good or bad, we didnt place a label on things – a label that would become a problem in the future. We dont have to change our judgment about something because we didnt make it. We can just say we dont want something anymore. When people ask us why we did something, we just explain that it was what we wanted to do.

The reality is that our desires change over time. They need to change, in order for us to experience the different phases of life that are required for our spiritual growth. Adding judgments to things in our lives just makes it harder for us to grow, to move on. Judgments hold us back.

Judgments are also used to restrict our freedom. Those in control of our nations, teach our children judgments that lead them to live lives that can be subjugated by the rulers. Yet the rulers teach their own children judgments that justify the subjugation of the majority. Neither group of children ever have the opportunity to live life freely, without judgments. Both are trapped by the obligations to continue a system based on judgments – both are subjugated by that system. It is only the spiritually inclined that have an opportunity to live a truly free life – being neither the subjugated nor the subjugator.

Wanting vs Judging

Uncertainty is good

Many of us have concluded that uncertainty is something to be feared. This has happened because we have had experiences that associate the feeling of uncertainty with experiences of harm or trauma.

Once we make this conclusion about uncertainty, we lose the ability to use uncertainty as a tool, a measurement and a guide for our lives. Uncertainty doesnt necessarily mean danger is coming. It is much more useful than that.

There are different kinds of uncertainty. There is the uncertainty that tells us to not act yet, to wait for clarity. There is the very different kind of uncertainty that tells us the situation we are in may be undesirable, and we can take action to leave that situation, change our direction, or change our interaction with the situation. There is another very different uncertainty that comes with a feeling of excitement, that tells us the idea we are considering, or the path we are traveling, will bring unknown experiences, yet the universe sees them as good. The message is that this is the right path and the details will come later – begin the journey now and trust in our ability to listen to our guidance system, to take the right action at the right time.

Once we stop reacting with fear, we can start learning about this part of our guidance system. We can observe and learn how to interpret the information that is being presented to us. We can get a lot more out of our life because we can follow our inspiration, rather than live in a cage of our own fear.

Uncertainty is good

How we live our lives

From birth we are taught, programmed with the ways of our family and our society. If we experience a loving environment, we will live out our lives mostly as directed, and enjoy a sense of satisfaction and achievement. We live in a way that we believe is good. We are likely to bring up our own children similarly.

Alternatively, the more that love is absent in our upbringing, the more unstable the foundation of out training and programming. As we live our lives, it is not so easy to feel at peace with living as we were brought up to live.

In the most abusive extremes, it is impossible to fit into society. The values we have learned are irreversibly associated with emotional pain. Those of us with a loving upbringing cant understand why others cant live in the accepted way, and those of us with emotional conflict cannot understand how most people can live a stable, ordinary life – even if we would like to be able to live that way, to try is to suffer.

A healthy society tolerates and accommodates those of us who cannot fit in Рallowing us to find our own ways to survive,  heal and contribute as we wish.

A collapsing society punishes those of us who cant fit in, or forces us to live on the fringe of society  Рor even in exile, out of sight. One form of exile is forced institutionalization and forced medication Рcriminalization of non-conformity by societies that have degraded into brutality.

When those of us that cannot fit in, we are forced to conceal our incompatibility. Through overt or covert persuasion, our ability to find a comfortable niche in society is diminished. Therefore, our opportunity to heal from those experiences that have traumatized us, is also interfered with by the distraction of constantly seeking safety.

In the most extreme societies, people are brainwashed so that those in control can use them as a weapon against that threaten their hold on power. This is a form of slavery, where a persons independence and freedom is taken from them. Even children are violated in this way, and used as weapons once they get older. Inevitably, these people are used to attack others in their own society. It is a sign that those in power are no longer of benefit to society, but have long been a great harm. Eventually, collapse of that society is guaranteed.

How we live our lives