About Jesus’ death

Something vitally important struck me about the story in the 4 gospels included in the bible (of 20 gospels mentioned historically).

Jesus knowingly went to his death. He allowed the establishment to kill him. He knew exactly what they were going to do and when it was going to happen. And he made sure he was there for it. He went to their seat of power and submitted his body to them.

Jesus – the one who could expel demons – who could walk on water – who could manipulate atomic matter with his will – who was even able to transfer some of his power to some of his disciples so that they could also heal the sick and drive out demons – the one with all that power.

The one who cold do all these things, then allowed the establishment to kill his body.

For what purpose?

The bible describes what happened, but doesn’t explain it.

I propose that this unusual death of a body was a “spiritual rocket launch”. An assist that would not have been possible if it was delayed too long – it must be solicited and received in a short time. An assist that enabled the crossing of a difficult threshold: the return to existence in the spirit realm, after an earthly mission of many lives.

In this context, the expelling of demons and healing the sick takes on a new meaning. It is an announcement to the most powerful demons in the physical world – those that control the bodies and minds of those in the establishment – that here is a spirit so powerful that it can expel demons and can even share some of that power with other humans so they can expel demons. Those demons of the establishment knew what was happening and what this meant – a threat to their power and existence.

Yet the evil demons of the establishment, in their ignorance of reality and enchantment with their great power in the physical world, were set up. Used as subjects by one that was far greater. They were purposefully threatened so that they would take action to defend themselves – thereby killing the body of Jesus and completing that final step of the earthly mission, a step that could not be completed by Jesus without the help of powerful demons. Jesus could have caused anyone to kill his body, but that would not have worked. Only very powerful demons could provide the boost required for the successful return to the spirit realm.

In the bible, the description seems to say that the establishment humans were irrationally upset with Jesus for being so popular, or for disrespecting them, for threatening their control over their subjects. This neither makes sense nor is it the reality of the situation. It was establishment demons against Jesus great spirit.

Perhaps those demons even today control part of the human establishment, and still feel anger and hate toward Jesus for insulting them and using their “great” power as merely steps on a stairway to heaven.

About Jesus’ death

Waking up with a sore back

Our body gives us feedback on the conflicts in our mind, by reveling discomfort and illness on a physical level.

As we heal conflicts in our mind, we observe the healing of corresponding illness in our body. We understand that the illness was caused by our mind.

We begin to look for conflicts in our mind as a cause of the illness in our body. We consider signs (observable by others) and symptoms (not externally noticeable) and interpret them in terms of mind conflict. We can also meditate – in the traditional, investigative sense – on the physical outcomes, and follow them back to the mind conflict that causes them.

But, physical signs and symptoms don’t always have a direct cause in mind conflict.

There are some obvious examples, such as injuries from physical accidents. It’s easy for us to identify the direct cause as physical. The direct cause is obviously not mind conflict – yet mind conflict may have caused or contributed to the accident – such as in rage, or uncharacteristic carelessness.

There are more subtle causes and effects. In the blog title I refer to my example. Chemicals in some polyester and cotton product additives, can give me a sore spine. I wake up in discomfort, and also drowsiness. Yet, 5 minutes after getting up, the symptoms are gone. The direct cause of my symptoms is physical, immunological – a kind of allergy. Mind conflict may be a cause of my immunological reaction, but this is indirect – and currently, unresolved speculation.

I partly identified the chemical cause by systematic removal and reintroduction of different fabric items, one at a time, until I could identify the kind of fabric that cause my reaction. It’s a time consuming process.

The cause of physical signs and symptoms is not always directly by mind conflict. Sometimes it is obviously a mind or a physical cause. Sometimes it is unclear, and investigation is required to identify the cause. We may only determine the cause after observing that the physical manifestation quickly disappears after some mind healing work is done.

Waking up with a sore back

Survivor vs. Victim

I see a survivor as one that begins the process of healing themselves from a traumatic experience, and doesn’t pass on what was done to them. It is a state of mind that is different from the victim.

Once one has escaped the abusive environment, they can become a survivor – if they make the decision to acknowlege that damage has been done to them, and then make the effort to repair themselves.

A survivor is strong enough to overcome what happened and begin the process of removing those things that are not part of their true self. If they observe part of their mind following a path toward abusive behavior, they confront it and try to heal it.

A survivor understands that no-one is so tough that they cannot be traumatized and damaged – and that the damage can be healed.

Survivor vs. Victim

The Secret of Happiness

Happiness is what we have when we have nothing to be unhappy about.

Happiness is the natural human state of mind.

Yet many of us don’t have much happiness, and we don’t really know why.

Yet, we can choose to be unhappy, or choose to not be unhappy. It is something we can have total power over.

Those of us who are unhappy, often are unhappy about things we cannot change. It is as if we WANT to be unhappy, and have chosen the most effective way to be unhappy!

Perhaps we feel that life is meant to be unhappy – or that we deserve to be unhappy. I wholeheartedly assert that these 2 beliefs are totally false! – they will keep us from happiness as surely as gravity holds us to the earth.

Being unhappy about past events – that will surely keep us unhappy. And for what purpose? We can’t change it! So the only reason to be unhappy about it, is for the purpose of being unhappy!

Being unhappy about other people is another unfallible way to be unhappy. We can only truly change ourselves, so let’s give up on the impossible and return to happiness.

So – how to stop being unhappy about things we can’t change?

We can search within ourselves – to find those thoughts and beliefs that give us unhappy feelings, and re-decide those beliefs. If we find past versions of ourselves, trapped at the source of the unhappiness, we can rescue them, reunite them with our true self in the now. If we find a belief as the source of unhappiness, we can expose that belief to our current wisdom and logic, and change it to match the truth according to the evidence of our present – rather than the emotion of the past.

It took time to build up our sources of unhappiness. One by one we piled them up. And one by one we can remove them. We can decide to persevere, to make the effort to clean up the mess in our mind’s house.

Happiness is our rightful state of mind. Our birthright. Happiness awaits our effort to discard those things that keep us from being our true selves.

The Secret of Happiness

The mind must choose to follow the heart

I was laying back, thinking about parts of my mind that wont yet accept the authority of my hearts guidance. I suggested to my heart that it just force those parts of my mind to obey.

My heart immediately caused me to understand that it cannot, it is not allowed to do that.
The mind must heal itself, and choose to follow the heart. It cannot be forced. Forced cooperation is no cooperation at all.
Only the mind that has chosen to follow the hearts guidance – a united mind, void of internal conflict – truly has the capacity to follow the hearts guidance.
An unwilling subject is an incompetent subject. It cannot be any other way.

So, the mind must be healed and united, by seeking out and resolving internal conflicts.
For this process, an essential tool is provided: Emotion, the internal conflict seeker.

The mind must choose to follow the heart

Trauma and Recovery

When we suffer the trauma of abuse or other experiences that are overwhelmingly unpleasant, we dissociate. This is a natural mechanism that allows us to survive trauma.
But, dissociation is only the first half of surviving trauma.

Later, when the danger has passed, we must reassociate. We must return to the trauma in our mind and rejoin with the emotional effect of it. In this way we can bring together the parts of our mind that was split by the traumatic experience.

Once rejoined, that part of our mind can again function normally and contribute to our improved survival. We can get on with life.

This mechanism to deal with trauma is quite amazing. We naturally and unconsciously separate our response to trauma into 2 pieces in our mind. Its automatic. The physical experience cant be postponed, but the emotional effect in the mind can be separated and put safely aside. Later, the emotional effect, which was separated and postponed, can be dealt with at our convenience. Its so great we have this naturally inbuilt mechanism to protect our mind from the full effect of traumatic experiences.

When the trauma is too great, we simply can’t cope with both the physical and emotional trauma simultaneously. Splitting allows us to cope, and later we can return in physical safety to complete the process of survival.

Yet, if we dont return later and rejoin the separated parts of our mind that hold the trauma, we remain ‘damaged’ (uncompleted) and cannot return fully to our lives.

I want to thank Athena and Bobbi from traumarecoveryuniversity.com for inspiring this realization in me. I was watching their 2 hour video special on accepting the reality of abuse. As always, their videos inspire light bulbs in my understanding.

Trauma and Recovery