We are words in the story of life.

We are words in a story.

If we live as a separate story, we cannot see our true value. As single words, our lives makes no sense and we see nothing of any importance. We just make a short, selfish noise.

When we allow ourselves to be part of a bigger story, we can create the sound required of us. It is our instrument. We help tell a great story.

We are words in the story of life.

Justice and our place in the world

Its not hard to notice the injustices in the world. Those who politically control society care only about staying in power and will commit any crime to maintain their power. Most organizations who claim to fight for justice are actually surviving off injustice and wont do anything that would really bring justice or threaten those in power who commit crimes.

We are brought up to be good and fight for justice. We react emotionally to the selected injustices that are presented to us for the purpose of usurping our reactions. Those in power control the media and restrict our awareness of their crimes. In this way they direct our responses and reactions so that we use up our ‘justice energy’ without achieving anything.

This is a game of ‘cat and mouse’. Stop playing.

Each of us has a desire to follow our heart, and in doing so, we use our power in ways that truly change ourselves and the world around us. Yet most of us dont follow our hearts, but live within the restrictions placed on us. In this way we cannot change ourselves or the world. The universe has not given everyone the role of fighting all injustice in all faraway places – this is a role that only suits those in power.

The universe has placed us in the situation where we can exert our power and follow our hearts. This is the choice that we have before us. Use our energy to find a way to follow our hearts in the world we are in. Or waste our energy trying to change a faraway place. If the universe wanted us to change a faraway place, we would be in that place. We are in the place we are because that is the place we have the opportunity to change – by changing the way we live in it.

The world is now in a time of great injustice and conflict. It is a stage in the cycles of earthly existence and cannot be avoided. It is also a sign that humans are resisting change. The chaos is required for the human race to develop, to learn from the mistake of resisting change and growth. The universe will destroy any part of itself that refuses to grow and change.

For individuals, the lesson is to let go of the fight that is not ours. Our hearts will tell us what is our fight, and give us the power to win. Individuals that understand the need to grow and change along with the universe will find themselves somehow protected from the chaos. Individuals that refuse to grow and change will find the chaos surrounding them, physically or mentally.

Justice and our place in the world