Wanting vs Judging

Most of us spend a large part of our life trying to get things that we have learned are good. This is a waste of time. Our lives are largely unsatisfying and we end up with so much regret about what we didnt do. When people ask us why we did something, we say we did it because it is good, or the right thing to do. Yet we are using others measurements of right and wrong. We are living our lives for others.

Some of us realize that we have been deceived, and reject others judgments about what is good or bad, what is desirable or undesirable. We make our own decisions about what is good or bad for our lives. Yet we still see it in terms of good and bad. We have a hard time changing when we no longer want what was judged to be good. We have to go through a process of being wrong about things. Then we must go through another process of making a new right, a new set of judgments that allow us to justify our decisions. Its impossible to complete these processes and we end up with such a mess in our minds, with increasing inconsistencies about what is good or bad. When people ask us why we did something, we justify it in terms of good or bad, because we feel that ‘want’ is not a satisfactory justification.

Some of us separate desire from judgment. We recognize that we want certain things in life, but we dont judge them as good or bad. its just what we want, or dont want. The judgment is unnecessary. Pointless, in fact. We dont need the justification of good or bad to start getting what we want. In this case, it is so easy for us to change our minds, or to change direction in our lives when we have had enough of our current phase of life. Because we didnt judge things to be good or bad, we didnt place a label on things – a label that would become a problem in the future. We dont have to change our judgment about something because we didnt make it. We can just say we dont want something anymore. When people ask us why we did something, we just explain that it was what we wanted to do.

The reality is that our desires change over time. They need to change, in order for us to experience the different phases of life that are required for our spiritual growth. Adding judgments to things in our lives just makes it harder for us to grow, to move on. Judgments hold us back.

Judgments are also used to restrict our freedom. Those in control of our nations, teach our children judgments that lead them to live lives that can be subjugated by the rulers. Yet the rulers teach their own children judgments that justify the subjugation of the majority. Neither group of children ever have the opportunity to live life freely, without judgments. Both are trapped by the obligations to continue a system based on judgments – both are subjugated by that system. It is only the spiritually inclined that have an opportunity to live a truly free life – being neither the subjugated nor the subjugator.

Wanting vs Judging

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