Uncertainty is good

Many of us have concluded that uncertainty is something to be feared. This has happened because we have had experiences that associate the feeling of uncertainty with experiences of harm or trauma.

Once we make this conclusion about uncertainty, we lose the ability to use uncertainty as a tool, a measurement and a guide for our lives. Uncertainty doesnt necessarily mean danger is coming. It is much more useful than that.

There are different kinds of uncertainty. There is the uncertainty that tells us to not act yet, to wait for clarity. There is the very different kind of uncertainty that tells us the situation we are in may be undesirable, and we can take action to leave that situation, change our direction, or change our interaction with the situation. There is another very different uncertainty that comes with a feeling of excitement, that tells us the idea we are considering, or the path we are traveling, will bring unknown experiences, yet the universe sees them as good. The message is that this is the right path and the details will come later – begin the journey now and trust in our ability to listen to our guidance system, to take the right action at the right time.

Once we stop reacting with fear, we can start learning about this part of our guidance system. We can observe and learn how to interpret the information that is being presented to us. We can get a lot more out of our life because we can follow our inspiration, rather than live in a cage of our own fear.

Uncertainty is good

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