We are not damaged by abuse

One aspect of our abuse is the feeling we have that we are permanently affected, damaged, by the abuse we survived.

Yes, we are affected by our abuse, that is the intention. But we are not damaged. We are able to fully heal. Our full healing, is inevitable, eventually.

Our abuse is part of our development as a spirit. It does not harm our spirit, but it loads programming onto our spirit. Programming that can be changed. Our spirit can carry beliefs to subsequent lives. This allows our beliefs to set up our life experience, lifetime after lifetime.

Its important to understand that our life experience is caused by programming. Our beliefs lead to thoughts that then lead to certain emotions. Our beliefs are the controlling factor in our life experience. And our beliefs are programmed.

To change our life experience, we simply need to reprogram our spirit. When we change our programming, our thoughts and feeling change to match it. The most important thing for us to do is to find out what our programming is and how to change it.

We can use guided visualizations, that trace our feelings and thoughts, and beliefs, back to their origin, where we can consciously reprogram ourselves. We keep tracing these things back and reprogramming until we have cleared out all the false beliefs that influence our lives.

We need to identify the thoughts and feelings and beliefs to trace them back. We don’t need to continue experiencing them. When we begin to use these methods to trace back, to remember the original source of these beliefs, we realize that we are using a natural capacity, we are naturally set up to be able to do this. There is no abuse or programming we cant heal.

We are not damaged by abuse

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