The beliefs behind the thoughts

To think, is to create.

Our thoughts guide us in our lives, directing our actions. So it is that our beliefs, through their control over our thoughts, control what happens to us. Our beliefs control what we achieve, and what we don’t achieve, in our lives.

Our thoughts are a product of the beliefs we hold in our minds. Most of these beliefs are from other people, given to us in childhood – before we had the ability to question or think critically.

Yet we rarely observe our thoughts. We are too busy, living life as we are programmed, to make any attempt at changing the program. We rarely have a clue as to the content of our programming.

When we are dissatisfied with our lives, we can make a decision to change. Yet we don’t know how. Some changes we cannot make, and don’t understand what is limiting us.

By observing our thoughts, we can understand the beliefs behind them. The relationship is very logical, even if the belief is not logical. We can take the time and make the effort to observe ourselves.

Its not enough just to observe, we must also act. We must go back to the origin of the belief – the experience that created it – so we can correct it. Then we we see our lives easily transform. To try to change our lives without changing our beliefs is too difficult. We will only experience the suffering of being at war with ourselves.

There are many ways to change our beliefs. Some can be changed simply by learning better beliefs, but most must be corrected by going to the root of the belief. Using guided visualizations, therapy of different kinds, hypnosis of different kinds, and other techniques designed to correct beliefs, we can change our lives the easy way.

Beliefs are the creators of our lives, and we can recreate our lives most easily by correcting our beliefs.

The beliefs behind the thoughts

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