The feeling of not belonging anywhere

some of us just cant find a place to fit in, and in the rare times we feel at home somewhere, it doesnt last.

it is a logical conclusion that the belief that we dont belong anywhere will lead to this experience of life. This is true for all beliefs: if we have them, we will be able to observe the logical expression of them in our lives.

For us who cannot belong because of this belief, we will regularly move on to new places and situations, we will be restless and unable to settle down. All because of one belief.

We may also hold this belief in more than one way. Perhaps we use a guided visualization, alone or with another, and heal one aspect of this in our lives – but then find that nothing changes. We must find all the instances of this belief in ourselves. This includes all the versions of it, some of which are here:

I dont belong here. I dont belong anywhere. I dont fit it. I cant stay here. Its dangerous here. This is not the place for me. Im searching for my home. I shouldnt be here. I cant settle down. I cant connect with this person, place or situation.

There are many more versions of this belief that can affect us. We will experience a feeling, an emotional response to the ones that affect us, when we read or say them. We can work on those.

The feeling of not belonging anywhere

3 thoughts on “The feeling of not belonging anywhere

    1. Hi. It is not so important whether a belief is true or not, but that it affects us in a way that we dont want. The belief about not belonging will lead us to prevent ourselves from feeling like we belong. The truth of whether we belong, or not, does not affect our experience. Our belief affects our experience. If we get rid of the belief that we dont belong, we become able to notice when we DO belong somewhere, and can choose to stay and enjoy it. If we believe we dont belong, we will likely choose to leave. That will prevent us from enjoying the feeling of belonging. Also, this belief may cause us to behave in ways that sabotage a situation in which we could belong. Perhaps we may misinterpret the behavior of others, and react inappropriately, thereby ‘burning our bridges’. In this way a belief can change what is true. Our belief may cause us to behave in a way that leads to us being rejected. If we didnt have the belief, we wouldnt sabotage the situation.


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