Why satanic sacrifice doesn’t lead to special powers

The ancient practice of sacrificing animals and humans for personal gain continues uninterrupted by any of the advances in human spirituality.
Personal gain is a misunderstanding of the universe. Most humans are trained to think they are separate from the universe, and that personal gain is the only measure of success. Some people extend their concept of personal gain to their spirit, and concern themselves with personal gain in the next life.
The practice of sacrifice for personal gain requires a particularly extreme misunderstanding of the universe. Those who practice is learn that it will bring to them supernatural powers, and power over others, even in the afterlife.
A misunderstanding about this relates to the effect of murder. Those few who would kill for power, will get power. This is because most people simply won’t kill for power and also avoid getting killed. These people simply step aside and wish to go about their lives in their own peaceful way. Those left killing for power play a game of “winner takes all”. They may falsely believe that sacrifice led to their victory, but it really is just because they are murderers. Sacrifices are not necessary.
Another misunderstanding arises from believing the idea that a particular path in life will have a different effect as time progresses. It is repeating the same action and expecting a different result. This flawed logic quickly develops into the belief that the action didn’t have the desired result because it was not done enough. So it is with sacrifice. Human sacrifice is believed to be much better than animal sacrifice, by the same flawed thinking.
Those who practice forms of satanism gradually increase the extremity of their acts because they don’t get the desired results. By the time they get old, they still haven’t gained any supernatural powers they didn’t already have, but they have gained power within their group and society, simply by their ruthlessness.
An example of this same flawed thinking is found in the economic policy of “quantitative easing”. Because increasing debt and its burden on society didn’t stop the slide into increasing stagnation, it was believed that not enough debt was created – it wasn’t done enough. So the QE is increased, and further contributes to stagnation. It is the same thinking, by the same groups of people. They believe they are in power because they are superior, but in reality they are in power because they are ruthless.
The truth of the universe is that you will receive what you give. This is the important lesson for lose who worship evil. The sooner they get out of this practice of worshipping evil, the sooner they can earn happiness in life. This is earned by allowing their contribution to the universe to return to them. They must receive what they gave, before they can earn the happiness they seek.
This is also a warning to those who are considering using the “dark arts” to get what they want in life. You are being lied to about what you will really get. Like any pyramid scam, you are just falling prey to those who are above you in the hierarchy, and you will never leave the bottom end of the scheme. You will never receive the riches and power you were promised. You will only live out your life in secret regret. Just get away from the people who are promising these things to you. Seek happiness in the only place it can ever be found – your own heart.

Why satanic sacrifice doesn’t lead to special powers

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