Disillusionment and making the future so

Much of our thinking and effort is to produce certain outcomes in the future. Our minds, for reasons of fear, require the future to be a certain way.
Disillusionment arises when our mind determines that its efforts are not likely to achieve its goals. Its not working out how we want.
Yet these goals of the mind are all taught to it by others. There is not one goal of the mind that is its own creation. Most are simply reactions to the popular fears of other minds, taken up by human cultures. Our minds are trained by fear-based cultures.
We could continue to spend our lives pursuing other peoples idea of a good outcome. Yet, we don’t find satisfaction in these outcomes. The happiness they promise never comes. At best we can achieve relief from our learned fears. Is relief from fears enough to make life worthwhile?
There is a part of us that can produce outcomes that lead to satisfaction and happiness. Through the intuition of the heart, we can create goals that are original to us, and will lead to satisfaction and happiness. Only our heart, our inbuilt divine guidance, can steer our life to what we truly seek.
It is only a question of our ability to follow the guidance of our heart in opposition to our fearful, programmed mind. Our mind will strive to steer our lives according to its misguided beliefs. To follow the hearts guidance without battling the mind, the mind must be corrected. We can observe our minds beliefs and expose their fallacy with the tool of logic. The more we correct the false beliefs of the mind, the more we are able to follow our hearts guidance without the mind fighting against us.

Disillusionment and making the future so

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