Keeping silent about past trauma

We often dont speak out about our childhood traumatic experiences or war trauma.

Great fear is attached to speaking out, especially for child abuse survivors – fear taught at the time of abuse. In extreme circumstances, that extends to a fear of punishment, torture and death.War veterans are also made to feel their stories are unwelcome. Governments that wish to continue using war to retain power do not want veterans revealing the truth of war.

Also, tools such as money are used to maintain victim silence. It is sometimes called silence money – it is given to the victim in a trickle over time, it stimulates silence programming and helps keep them silent. The survivor will remain poor and silent as long as this money is accepted. Some people consider state welfare as a kind of silence money when applied to these situations. However, it is very important that we speak out and tell our story anyway. speaking out is an essential part of healing from the trauma.

We also notice that the general public doesnt really want to hear about our abuse or trauma. People become uncomfortable around us once they know about our traumatic experiences. Some may just avoid us after that. We may decide to just not tell anyone, but this is not a strategy that will lead to healing. A better strategy is to select those who we tell. We can publish our story online, see a therapist, tell our story in a support group. these are all great ways to stimulate healing. Then we can freely enjoy time with out friends and workmates.

Releasing our story is an extremely beneficial part of healing. We may not be able to release the traumatic emotion attached to our memories without first telling our story. We may find that we release an enormous burden of emotion while we tell our story.

If we still have such a great fear of speaking out, publishing our story anonymously online may be the perfect solution. There are some web services that allow us to create our own web pages and sites for free. Although it is anonymous, it is still very effective at releasing emotion and allowing us to progress in our healing. It shows that the important thing is to release the truth so that is is not kept within, so that it doesnt continue to damage our lives.

As long as we keep secrets, we cannot be our true selves. Secrets hold us back in life, and prevent us from expressing ourselves in the world. Releasing the secrets doesnt suddenly turn us into a person that has never suffered abuse. That is our truth and we retain that all our lives. But our truth empowers us to live life as we truly wish, whereas suppressed truth keeps us in a place of suffering and weakness.

Keeping silent about past trauma

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