Withdrawing from the world

Some of us withdraw from the world, avoiding contact with others, because it is just more comfortable begin away from people. We may still enjoy interacting with people, but generally we end up withdrawing, as a default behavior.

For humans, social withdrawal is an extraordinary behavior. Social contact is one of the most powerful human needs. Humans that forego this need do so for extraordinary reasons. That reason is fear of everyone doing us harm. It necessarily requires traumatic experiences where we are harmed not only by those people in our everyday community, but by strangers. It is the harm also by strangers that leads us to withdraw from everyone.

Harm from strangers needs to be physical harm. Because they are not part of our everyday community, psychological harm is not really possible. They have no importance to us. Physical harm by strangers teaches us that we must fear everyone. We learn that all the world is against us, because we have no way of identifying those who may harm us – it could be anyone, anywhere.

Usually, this kind of abuse is indended to achieve this psychological result. It is rarely spontaneous. Beatings by strangers is an important event in ritual abuse. It teaches there is no escape, the whole world is against us.

Once we grow up and can be free of those that abused us, its important that we reassess these experiences and the beliefs they instilled in us. The reality is that only a small number of people wanted to hurt us. Most people have no bad intentions toward us.

We can know when we are around bad people. We are really familiar with their energy signatures and we can easily stay away from them. The rest of the world is fine and can be trusted. The world allows us to live in it, and live as we wish to. We can enjoy a satisfying life and we can follow our dreams. The world allows us.

Withdrawing from the world

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