Prayer, sacrifice and communicating with the creator

In our position in life, we have desire to gain certain things. We seek personal gain. Form those of us who learn that material things are manifested from the spiritual realm, we sometimes resort to making a request for assistance.

The popular way to request assistance is through prayer. We place a request upon what we perceive to be an external entity. Even a small number still practice the sacrifice of living creatures, to make the request more compelling. The only real difference between the two is that sacrifice adds a bribe.

Belief in the existence of a separate power is Animism. Whether it is one or many gods, it involves requests and appeasement, making deals. It puts human values onto the spirit being. It assumes the being can be displeased or pleased with us, and that its possible to sway the opinion of the being.

In reality there is one entity of awareness in the universe, due to the interconnectedness of all things. It follows that our awareness is one with the universal awareness.

It also follows that our connection to the source is through ourselves. So when we try to communicate with the one, it is illogical to turn away from it and try to communicate with an imaginary external being.

Even more illogical, is to make requests or to try to make deals with that imaginary being, through prayer or sacrifice. We may as well talk to a wall: we will still be heard, but not taken so seriously. Its funny how some religions teach us there is only one god, that it is in all things – and then teaches us to pray to a separate entity – as if we were the impossible exception to “all”!

To truly communicate with the one, requires no effort, for it is always happening. It cannot be turned off any more than our awareness. To that extent we desire or reject with our heart, that is the amount the universe will manifest our commands. We’re it! Requests, deals and bribery are pointless.

Prayer, sacrifice and communicating with the creator

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