Feeling wrong or inappropriate

Some of us constantly worry that we are somehow being inappropriate. We just have the feeling of being wrong, without being able to identify what it is that we have done.

Perhaps this comes from a fear of punishment, or rejection. We may have been punished as children for our behavior, but not clearly understood what we actually did wrong. Or we may have been rejected a lot but not understood why.

This can lead us to become hypervigilant – always worrying about our behavior. How tiring! It can affect our self confidence, if we always worry about doing something wrong. We cannot have trust in ourselves and we cannot have the confidence we need to go for what we really want in life.

We are the ones who decide what is OK or not in our behavior. If we do something to upset other people, we are going to notice, because their behavior toward us will change and they will clearly let us know. Usually, others will not pay attention to us, or interact with us in a friendly way. That’s because our behavior is fine.

If something happens that shows we upset someone, or did something wrong, we will notice because of the evidence. Without the evidence, we don’t need to pay attention to it.

We don’t need to waste our creative energy on worrying about our behavior. We can just go and do what we are inspired to do. Our wisdom will inform us if there is a problem.

Feeling wrong or inappropriate

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