The self defeating mind

Our minds are set up for stability, for continuity. We preserve and protect the beliefs we learn as children. Yet we cause ourselves suffering as a result.

With the current state of our earthly cultures, is typical that we hold false beliefs about the world. We learn these beliefs as children, and rather than correct them as we gain independence, we preserve them. Our reward is membership in self-defeating communities.

Rather than question our beliefs and fears, we protect them. When the conflict of a false belief rises in our mind, we push it down. We use different strategies to distract ourselves from the conflict. We take risks, we overeat, we externalize it as blame. We put so much energy into avoiding our inner conflict.

To take the opposite approach and correct our beliefs, requires less effort than avoiding them. Yet it causes us much more discomfort than avoidance. If we don’t make that decision to bear the discomfort and correct our false beliefs, we only defeat ourselves. Along with the inner conflict, we also avoid the success we seek in life. Eventually, at the end of our time in our bodies, we have accumulated so much suffering and regret that there is little possibility of happiness.

The discomfort of lifelong struggle with ourselves, and a dissatisfying life, is our reward for not committing to a short lived greater discomfort. Its better that we make our choice based on the long term outcomes. A short term difficulty followed by more happiness – or life long dissatisfaction.

The self defeating mind

One thought on “The self defeating mind

  1. I couldn’t agree more. We cause our own troubles. Life is simple but we complicate it unnecessarily. Life is like a river which has to flow without stop. It’s the perceptions that we create in our mind, which cause pain. Thank you for such a wonderful article


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