Abandon the fairy tale success

Its time to abandon the fairy tale. That version of success given to us by others. The great career, the riches, the fame, the power.

Motivational speakers say it is just a matter of having the right mindset, and developing that mindset. Many try and fail, and feel they are to blame for not trying hard enough, or not doing it right. Few people can benefit from pursuing such a mindset, because only those few have that as their hearts desire. That version of success is only possible for a few.  Motivational speakers will openly tell us to apply their techniques to our version of success, but its not much use to us when we bring along a version of success that we got from our brainwashing.

We can still have success, but it must be OUR version of success, matching our hearts desire. Chances are its not the fairy tale version. We can develop a mindset of abundance for our version of success. But we must first discard the version of success we received in our childhood brainwashing. Then we can identify our hearts desire and develop a mindset to match it.

Maybe we already know what our hearts desire really is, and we can immediately begin to construct the mindset to match it. We can learn from motivational speakers and apply what we learn to our version of success. We see people like this at the success seminars, talking about their success. We can see their excitement, so its no surprise they are achieving the success that their hearts desire. Lucky them.

Chances are our childhood brainwashing was so effective, we have lost touch with our real self and our hearts true desire. We must first identify and destroy the fairy tale success. Piece by piece we can question it, to see if we really get excited or feel dread about it. As we deconstruct, we will develop an awareness of what really excites us, what our version of success is.

An essential part of the brainwashing is the belief that other forms of success are bad, selfish, impossible, etc. Should we let our brainwashing tell us right and wrong, possible and impossible? It is the brainwashing that is a crime against our right to succeed. We can keep working on our version of success and not let an immoral society tell us what is right and wrong. Without a clear decision to discard these beliefs, we can’t reconstruct our version of success. We can be ruthless with those versions of success that don’t excite us.

We must make room in our mind for OUR version of success. The fairy tale has to go.

Abandon the fairy tale success

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