Not Trusting the Universe

Many of us dont trust the universe. We see the world as separate from us and hostile. A place where we can get hurt. This is what we have learned from our traumatic experiences, especially in childhood. Its fair to say that an experience that causes us to believe the universe is not a safe place, that cant be trusted, is a traumatic experience.

If traumatic experiences are severe enough, we can develop a set of beliefs that place us in opposition to the world for the rest of our lives. We may think that:

  •  the world is against us,
  •  there is no hope,
  •  there is no point in trying,
  •  other people will only hurt us,
  •  we are unworthy,
  •  etc…

If we do nothing to correct these misunderstandings, we will live a life of poverty with regard to that part of the universe that we reject. We will exclude all things we believe will harm us. For the most extreme levels of trauma and child abuse, we may end up like a poor hermit, having learned to fear family, friends, money, community, even place – all the things associated with our trauma. There is no limit to our capacity to exclude, but we will only do so for a good reason.

The reality is that we are an inseparable part of the universe and our beliefs shape and manifest our experience in life. We are able to exclude things from our lives because we are part of the universe, OF the universe. If we were separate from the universe, we would have no power to influence or exclude any of it.

Without these false beliefs, we can trust the universe. We can be a part of the world and enjoy our time in it. We will see all the opportunities presented to us. We will get excited about things and pursue our dreams. We will understand:

  •  we are with the world,
  •  there is opportunity,
  •  our dreams are achievable,
  •  other people want us in their community,
  •  we are worthy,

In our wisdom we can exclude those parts of the world that dont serve us, and place ourselves according to our wishes. We can attract what we want around us.

However, for those of us who hold these negative beliefs about the universe, there is work to be done. It took time and suffering to take on these beliefs. It will take time and effort to correct them.

Our minds go through phases. When we are in the phase of sadness or depression, that is the time to choose to express those feelings. We can find a safe place for this and decide to not express onto other people, nor to make any life decisions based on sadness or depressed thinking. Its a time to creatively express those emotions and allow them to come out naturally. When we allow this we will also notice the beliefs that are associated with these feelings. We have the opportunity to question those beliefs and correct them.

Beliefs make use sad because they are in conflict with what we deeply know to be true. Some limits we know to be true and we can accept, and never feel sad about it. It is the sadness that tells us we believe things that are not true.

Not Trusting the Universe

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