Misfortune is self guidance

In our material cultural perspective, misfortune is a bad thing that gets in the way of enjoying life. Yet, there is a widely recognised wisdom that understands that misfortune has benefits … somehow.

From the point of view that recognises the interconnectedness of all things, misfortune becomes a reflection of our state of being. Moreover, it is self guidance. The universal self uses misfortune in the same way as fortune: to guide our path in life.

Misfortune is a push, fortune is a pull. We can benefit from analysing both.

Typically, in the interests of not having to change our stubborn minds, we resist misfortune, and often fortune. To resist, leads inevitably to dissatisfaction and a feeling of being stuck in life.

As a further confirmation of an interconnected point of view, we may observe that a certain kind of misfortune keeps returning to our life. But only because we resist its push. Once we understand it and learn the lesson, it stops returning. If only to make way for the next one.

If we take the time to look at the misfortune and see how it guides us, especially in combination with the pull of fortune, we can see which direction we are being guided. It may terrify us at first, but we get used to it, and put our trust in that guidance. If we resist, we suffer.

Misfortune is a tool for us to use. It is designed to teach and guide us. Once we look at it in this way, we can use it to speed up the progress along our path in life.

Misfortune is self guidance

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