Perfection is useless

Perfection is a standard that can prevent us from getting things done. it implies that the goal is a standard, rather than completion.

In reality, perfection is a standard based on the opinions of others. if we judge our tasks by those standards, we will not be able to complete things easily. depending on the details of our version of perfection, we may need to do twice as much work, or even more, to complete our tasks. The requirement of perfection may turn an ordinary task into a daunting, even impossible one. We may even give up before we start, overwhelmed by the requirement of perfection.

Rather, we should be concerned about doing just enough to get the task done satisfactorily. Isn’t this what most people do? “Good enough” gets things done, everywhere we look. This doesn’t mean we have to meet a standard that is LESS than good enough. All goals have a standard. If its not done well enough, it isn’t really done. But perfection is something completely different, an unreasonably high standard.

This is especially true when we take action to improve our own lives. it is OUR lives, WE are the ones to decide what is good enough. if we try to apply other peoples values to our achievements, we find our independence is lost. we then live according to someone else’s recipe for life and happiness.

Discard the pursuit of someone else’s perfection. it is useless and just prevents us from being in control of our own lives. we decide what standard is required for each of our goals. time wasted on trying to achieve a higher standard than is necessary, just leaves us less time to get on with the next thing. it delays our life and wastes our time.

We will never become happy except by our own criteria.

Perfection is useless

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