The fallacy of hopelessness

Most of us have experienced the feeling that there is no hope, no way out of this “mess”.

This occurs when our mind is unable to think of a way out of a situation it finds awful. our set of beliefs about life and the situation, cause a dead end. we are stuck.
essential for this feeling, is the inability to turn to the heart for the solution. the heart always has a solution, a way out, and it is only by being really disconnected that we have the possibility of feeling hopeless.

In this situation, the mind is totally wrong.

the feeling of hopelessness is actually a built-in mecahnism to repair faulty beliefs. yet faulty beliefs can be used to disrupt this mechanism. the human mind is a complicated thing, because it has the capacity to hold a large number of logical inconsistencies – a very useful ability you will inevitably appreciate.

the way to get out of this experience of hoplessness is to allow the emotions to do the job they do so well. we can express those emotions in a place that allows it to be done freely. but, without letting the mind trick us into taking any action while we are letting the emotions repair our mind. decisions are not to be made during this process.

generally, at some stage in the process, there will be tears. This interesting biological behavior seems to be associated with a state of super-thinking – im not sure how to describe it in another way. While crying, there is a capacity to destroy false beliefs that cannot be matched by any therapy i know. Crying has a great influence on our beliefs and state of mind. Specifically, things we are attached to or that we think are important, no longer hold us trapped. We are able to let go of things that we couldnt let go before crying.

We need observe only once the connection between the feeling of hopelessness and the subsequent healing of the mind from false beliefs. From that moment, we never need to worry about feeling hopeless, because we now recognise it as a precursor to healing and improvement in our lives. This doesnt mean we will never get stuck in this feeling again, but it certainly means we will quickly remember to let our emotions do the work, and start our healing.

The fallacy of hopelessness

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