the myth of thinking big

most of us are brought up to live small lives and believe that big and great things are beyond us. this belief only stops us from following our heart.

if we are a street cleaner, we have placed ourselves in a role at that place in the social hierarchy. the same if we are a leader. it is the role we have chosen to play. we have placed ourselves according to our beliefs of what we are capable of. beliefs that are put onto us by others. because we place ourselves according to our learned beliefs, it is no surprise that we are unhappy and unsuited to our roles.

isnt living according to the beliefs of others a great achievement? that role requires the maintenance of so much denial in opposition to the truth and reality all around. street cleaner or leader, if we play a role according to the beliefs of others, it is difficult to sustain, and inevitably our attempt collapses. it becomes obvious we are not suited to that role.

big or small, it is irrelevant. we are entwined with the universe and scale is not a limiting factor unless we believe it is. these big or great things are not the product of a person, rather the person places themselves in a role, a niche in the world, that is no more or less great or difficult than other roles.

whatever we do is ‘big’, because of the interconnectedness of all things. our heart can handle anything. when we choose to follow our heart, we stop thinking about what is possible, or about what we are capable of. we act according to our heart, knowing the universe will take care of the results. we place ourselves in the role required by our heart, to manifest what our heart wishes to manifest.

if we act according to our inner inspiration, that will place us in the role required by our heart. we don’t need to think big, or small – just true. we are already the universe – limitations of scale do not apply here.

the myth of thinking big

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