The difficult days, and living the lie.

For some, the new moon brings a time of dissatisfaction, of no longer being excited about what is coming. A time of wanting to discard and destroy, rather than create and acquire. Yet others dont need a new moon to experience this phase of the human creative cycle.

Most of use dislike this experience.

But, take a step back, and see the outcome of this part of the human creative cycle. We have a good opportunity to discard what we dont need, we close doors to parts of our lives that are no longer serving us. We generally clear out a lot of stuff, get rid of unnecessary things. From this we get a sense of relief and satisfaction, of clarity and motivation to move forward again. We naturally feel more positive after following this process.

However, we dislike the feeling that leads us to take action that improves our life. It seems illogical. It certainly is!

We have been taught to believe that this is a feeling that should be avoided, and we grow up observing adults doing everything they can to avoid this feeling, so as to continue a lifestyle that is not serving them, just to avoid making trouble. We simply take on that attitude as a habit. Usually, it is the only example we have the opportunity to observe.

Observe that feeling more closely. There is nothing about it that is unpleasant, except the expectation that it will lead to unpleasant things. It wants us to say “I dont want this anymore” yet we are socialized to not say such things. Not only do we avoid telling our truth, we keep those things we dont want in our lives, by convincing ourselves that it was mis-thinking to not want them. We can only do this by not admitting the truth to ourselves.

Its not that we think that telling the truth obligates us to change. It is that telling the truth makes it impossible to continue living the lie. Deep down, we know:

The truth, once told, leads to unstoppable change.

When we feel obligated to live the lie – trapped by expectation, the belief that we should continue in the way we have chosen, to fulfill the commitment we made – whatever the reason, we must lie to ourselves to make it possible to prevent change.

This is a trap. Can we prevent change by refusing to admit the truth to ourselves? Change comes to our lives no matter what we do! We can be honest with ourselves and live happily with the changes that naturally come, or we can try to live a lie, and struggle with every change that comes along, wearing ourselves down until we can no longer continue. Living a lie has a time limit. Living the truth does not.

When that feeling comes to you and you are dissatisfied with your current situation, be relieved that another opportunity to fix life’s problems has come along. Its a good feeling, and when followed, leads to a better life. Rather than being afraid to tell your loved ones about your change of heart, know that telling your truth then helps them to free themselves from their self-imposed censorship. the relationship can then be renewed, and re-energised, rather than kept barely alive with stale habits.

The difficult days, and living the lie.

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