Smartphones and human nature

8 years ago, the first iPhone was released. Now, nearly 2 billion humans have a smartphone.

With smartphones, humans change the way they interact with loved ones. They spend less time in direct social contact, and a lot more time in remote social contact. This is a consequence of human nature. Humans have the capacity to meet part of their fundamental need for social contact by using a digital device to stay aware of the mindset and activities of their loved ones. This need arises from the desire to feel safe. The sense of safety is partly dependent on social contact with loved ones.

The capacity to meet this need remotely has already produced successful industries. First the postal industry, then the telephony industry. Now the internet industry. All grown primarily from the need for social contact that can be met remotely.

Although it must always be preceded by direct personal contact, remote contact allows humans to be more adventurous in their lifestyle. They can travel yet stay in touch. Smartphones expand the capacity for humans to leave their home environment and follow the desire to travel and live differently. This, in turn, increases the cultural and lifestyle change that each generation can achieve.

In less than ten years, nearly 1/4 of the human race has changed the way they interact socially. they will be more adventurous, more inclined to change their thinking, more inclined to reject the values that currently exist. This process has happened in the past. But not so quickly, and not the whole world at once.

This is the revolution that is taking place in the human race. Humans are in the middle of it, creating it, yet without knowing how significant it is.

Smartphones and human nature

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