The mind is trying to be I

The mind is trying to be the I of you. It believes this is the best way, as it was taught by other minds. It truly believes in its separateness. The mind is correct about it being separate from other minds.

However, the mind also believes that its consciousness is also derived from its separateness, and that its consciousness is therefore fragile, in need of protection. This is not correct.

In protecting what it believes it possesses, the mind lives in a mindset of precariousness, of fear. It busies itself with safety and comfort.

The real I of you is not inconvenienced by this. The real I of you, the universal consciousness, is not just participating, it is the inventor and controller.

Once the mind realises this, it stops trying to protect itself. It allows the real I of you to direct it. For this to occur, the mind only needs to understand. To understand, the mind only needs the time to observe. Time that it will not think to spare, while trying to protect its self imposed fragility.


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