Getting upset about other peoples business

The intention of media services is to engage our mental energy, to trigger our reaction, positive or negative. That is the purpose and the business model of the media. They choose topics, and emply a style, that is primarily to extract profit.

However, we then get upset about things that are not our business. Then, we neglect our intended role in the world. We neglect our own business. In reality, the media is another form of gossip. We may choose to focus on gossip, in any of its many forms, as a way of avoiding our own business. Perhaps we are already disempowered and we wish to place our attention on other peoples business, so that we can manage our feelings of disempowerment. We only disempower ourselves more, and distance ourselves further from our true nature.

Our place in life is ideal for us to deal with our business. What the universe places in front of us, that is our business. It is our role to take care of that business, to do what is right, to use the truth as a tool to heal the world around us.
When we get caught up in news about other peoples business, we expend our mental energy on those things, and we are unable to take care of our own business.

To get lost in the world of news is to neglect the maintenance of our own world. It is not that we should be uninformed: we should inform ourselves in a way that empowers us. It is certainly in our interests to avoid sources of information that extract our mental energy and leave us powerless to improve our own world.

When we return to our own business, and take care of those things around us, we naturally find that we are powerful. We use the power given to us to act in our own business – power that cannot be used on other peoples business.


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