Fasting, the most powerful medicine

Fasting, once known as a necessary part of staying healthy, has become forgotten in modern cultures. We are encouraged by governments and industry to eat every single day, and to take medicine for any problems with our health. Following this advice is guaranteed to cause chronic health problems.

In order for our bodies to heal, our immune systems must be free from other demands. That is because the primary task of our immune systems is to help digest food. While the immune system is doing this, it cannot do healing work effectively. Have you noticed those times when you were really sick and just didnt feel like eating? Trust the body to know what is best. At those times, it needs you to stop eating so it can focus on healing.

Can you repair a car while driving? Can you clean out a  water tank when it is full? Some things can only be done while stopped. Healing can only be done when there is no digesting to distract the immune system.

Only when fasting, can the body and immune system really get to work on those things that need repairing in the body. Clear out the digestive system and do some maintenance, heal those old injuries that never completely healed. Cure chronic illness and other body imbalances. Fasting can do all these things, because it is the only time that your immune system is able to act with its full capacity.

Fasting, the most powerful medicine

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