we are not our minds

We are focal points of awareness. We are not our minds.
Our minds are taught by other minds, to think of itself as the boss and identity of the body.
Yet the minds true place is as a loyal assistant to awareness.
If we allow ourselves to be controlled by our own mind, then we are susceptable to be controlled by any other mind. This is, in fact, what has happened.
Observe yourself and you will certainly see that the awareness is the true authority. It can override the mind at will. The mind must gain authority by manipulation and trickery. Primarily, by the constant use of fear.
We can choose to not follow the insane guidance of the mind. But we must be prepared to take the time to observe our mind. Let the mind think what it will, and observe it. We are the ones to control the actions of our bodies, and dema,d obedience from the mind.


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