Consciousness and Separation

It is said there is only one, one mind, one consciousness – that separateness is an illusion.

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Yet in our lives we constantly observe separation, in many ways. we see separate things, separate people. we observe conflict between separate parts. How can we have conflict in a universe that has only one consciousness?

The universe is unevenly distributed, and separateness is the name for this natural pattern. Our bodies give us this perspective – and it is only with close observation that we can observe the unified reality of the universe.

In the sky we see separate clouds, made from condensed water. In between the clouds there is transparent air. It still contains water, but less. If we look closely, we can see the gradual transition between cloud and air. Where does the cloud start? There is no sharp boundary from that perspective. All the atmosphere contains water, but it is unevenly wet.

We see Earths atmosphere as separate from space. Where does the atmosphere start? When examined, we see that there is a gradual transition from a lot to a little, not a boundary. Space contains a low concentration of atoms and molecules. The entire universe has only one atmosphere, and it condenses around planets and other things in the universe. But from our perspective, its very useful to use the words atmosphere and space.

Higher concentrations of things sometimes crash together, go in different ways, oppose each other, while being connected together with lower concentrations. Their concentration gives them a momentum, to move relative to lower concentrations.

It is the same for consciousness. There is only one consciousness, and living beings are a focal point of consciousness, like planets are a focal point for gas molecules. Sometimes we experience the interconnectedness between our consciousness and others. This occurs because there is less consciousness in between our focal points, connecting everything. We can move differently from the low concentration of consciousness between us, even create collective movements, and move differently to other focal points of consciousness, and their collective movements. We may even have conflict at a physical level, but all the time we are connected by consciousness.

When you look close enough at anything, you will see that separation disappears, and in its place there is a transition between more and less. Separation exists, but it is not the cause of reality, it is the effect of interconnected reality.

Consciousness and Separation